Art Fair Philippines 2016

For my first blog entry, I want to share my experience when I visited  Art Fair Philippines last February 19, 2016. 

So the said event was launched last February 18,2016, it took place at the 6/F and 7/F of The Link Car park, Ayala Center, Makati City. (Sadly the event only lasted for four days:( )

Screen shot 2016-02-25 at 11.48.54 AM

According to the organizers, the goal for Art Fair Philippines 2016 was to be bigger and better than the first two, and they didn’t failed us, from what I saw, they have proven that it’s done just that.

With the beautiful pieces that made me stop, and amazed me, it truly was an experience beyond just the visual. I honestly got overwhelmed with what I saw because there was 2 huge floors of the Link to explore.

And here are the dopest art works I’ve seen at Art Fair Philippines:

The Influx Series-Tribute to The Little Prince

By Michelle Perez


Pinto Art’s Pencil display



By Demetria Dela Cruz


The Sea of Clouds 

By Nona Garcia

(This is actually one of my favorite displays in Art Fair Ph)

At first glance, this art work looks like a photograph but when I look closer at it, it was a painting that made me stop and enjoy a little bit of stillness in the crowd.


Unbroken by Raffy Napay

This is perhaps the most eye-catching woven art work I’ve seen.


Infinity Series by Mark Justiniani

A series of work using mirrors, lights and shadows, combined to play with your sense of reality.

Chief by Ferdie Montemayor

12769373_10201516798397624_526996897_n (1)

These are just some of the beautiful pieces that was shown in the art fair, I actually have tons of pictures in my phone but I decided to share the best artworks (in my point of view) with you.

Hope you enjoyed reading my first blog entry!:)


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